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"Zach clearly enjoys his time with you" - Stacey

Zach always says he doesn't want to go in on a Wednesday, but then never wants to leave once there! He clearly enjoys his time with you.

I like that he is doing different activities each time, and is really getting involved.

He seems to benefit from being with the older children, and is always naming and waving at children when he sees them elsewhere. He has also developed a fondness for a few of the teachers/ carers there too, which is great.

I am pleased that he is getting support for his reading, and the comments in his book are detailed and clear, and he is obviously being reminded now to put his book back in his bag - which is a relief!

It was appreciated that you emailed me after his first days to let me know how he was getting on, too.

I am sure Zach is eating well when he comes - he is never 'starving' when he comes home, and it is good that you provide hot food, especially in this weather.

I think the newsletters you send are written with detail, and in a nice, personal manner. It is good that additional activities are being considered for the kids, too.

I am happy with the your club and the service and care it provides, and have recommended it to others.



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