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Little KidsOwn Daycare Nursery

In July 2016, Little KidsOwn was inspected by Ofsted for the first time. We are delighted to say that we were the first independent nursery to get an 'Outstanding' on their first inspection.

You can read the July 2016 Ofsted report here.


The nursery was inspected again in January 2020 and again received 'Outstanding' across the board.


You can read the January 2020 Ofsted report here.

KidsOwn After School Club

In November 2016, our After School Club at Woodbridge High School was inspected and we received 'Outstanding' across the board there, too.

You can read the November 2016 Ofsted report here.

In November 2018, our After School Club received another 'Outstanding' across the board.

You can read the November 2018 Ofsted report here.

Congratulations to the most amazing team.


Thank you to our beautiful children whose exeptional behaviour gets a mention in our reports and to our lovely parents for their ongoing support and trust in us.


You can read the full inspection reports for Little KidsOwn and the KidsOwn After School Club on the Ofsted website.

If you'd like to know more about these inspection reports, please contact Tanya.

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