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Ashtons After School Club 

In September 2022 we extended the KidsOwn family and opened up a new afterschool club at Ashton Playing Fields! We collect children from Roding Primary and Raylodge.

The children are collected from their classrooms and walk back to Ashton Playing Fields in their school groups.  The children then have free play until 4.20 when they wash hands before eating a snack,  together.  The snacks will include filled pitta breads, wraps, pancakes, fruit, vegetable sticks as an example. 

We provide a range of activities each evening and these include arts and crafts, sports, quiet activity and group activities every evening.  There are also lots of free play activities for our children.

We are open until 6pm but of course you are welcome to collect at any time.  Snacks served at around 4:30/4:45pm.  We have a three-week rotational menu

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