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After School Club at Woodbridge


​All of our children are collected from Churchfields Infant and Junior Schools and Oakdale Infant and Junior schools and escorted safely back to our setting at Woodbridge High School in Woodford Green.


We provide a range of activities each afternoon. These include an art and craft activity, a sports activity, a quiet activity and a group activity. There are also lots of free play activities for our children.


We are open until 6pm but of course you are welcome to collect at any time.


Dinner is usually served at around 4:30/ 4:45pm. We have a three week rotational menu which has a wide variety of meals, such as sausage and mash, chicken curry, pasta and lots more.


Children are then given a choice of fresh fruit and then have a small dessert/ cake bar or yogurt afterwards.


Please contact us for more information and prices. 


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