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Our Story

KidsOwn Breakfast Club and After School Club were established in South Woodford in 2010 by Tanya Gaylor following the successful growth of her childminding business.


Due to the increased demand for childcare places, the KidsOwn Holiday Club started shortly afterwards and the company went from strength to strength.


In 2014, it was time for the next chapter of the KidsOwn adventure and the Little KidsOwn Daycare Nursery was created at our premises in Maybank Road.


Opening the nursery enabled us to provide continuity of care for children aged from 3 months to 11 years, when they enter the secondary school system.


We offer local parents a complete childcare package in a safe and secure environment.


Each child is nurtured and their continued development through the years is supported and encouraged alongside the school curriculum thus ensuring stability and offering a convenient solution for local parents.


In July 2016, Little KidsOwn was inspected by Ofsted for the first time, and we are hugely proud to have been awarded 'Outstanding' in all areas.


Shortly afterwards, in November 2016, the After School Club was inspected and was also awarded the ‘Outstanding’ grade.

We then went on to receive two more outstanding grades! 2018 at the After School Club and in 2020 at the Nursery.

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