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Little KidsOwn nursery retains Ofsted 'Outstanding' in recent inspection

The Little KidsOwn daycare nursery was inspected again on 17 January 2020 and we are delighted to say we retained our 'Outstanding' status across the board.

​Here's what Ofsted said about our early years setting in their report:

​Children are extremely happy and secure, and consistently show high levels of enjoyment and engagement during their time at nursery.
Staff have extremely high expectations for all children, including those with special educational needs and/ or disabilities, who are supported exceptionally well.
Staff are very committed to their roles and create a highly encouraging and stimulating environment for children to learn and play. This successfully supports children's self-esteem, and children show very positive attitudes to learning and are keen to try new things.
Young babies delight in participating in role play and reading stories. During their play, staff support their language skills and understanding of new words effectively, giving lots of praise and encouragement.
Toddlers had fun storytelling with handmade puppets, and have regular discussions about what makes them unique.
Children's mathematical knowledge and descriptive language are also well fostered, for instance when exploring with play dough and making musical instruments.
Older children are highly articulate and express their ideas and intentions with confidence. These children have excellent opportunities to explore numbers and quantities through stimulating and interactive games. For example, they enjoyed making predictions when investigating sinking and floating activities, and inventing stories about treasure while exploring jewels in messy play activities.
Children have consistently high-quality learning opportunities and make excellent progress.

Congratulations to the most amazing team.

Thank you to our beautiful children and to our lovely parents for their ongoing support and trust in us.


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